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Dual-Cure Resin Cement
Regular price: $54.99
Sale price: $46.74
Dentin Desensitizer with Fluoride
Regular price: $36.99
Sale price: $29.59
Flowable Composite
Regular price: $14.49
Sale price: $10.87
iSmile Powder Free Nitrile Exam Gloves
Regular price: $6.99
Sale price: $5.79
WHITE SMILE Dissolving Teeth Whitening Strips
Regular price: $24.99
Sale price: $19.99
Ultra-Speed Film IP-21 Super Poly-Soft Packets Size 2
Regular price: $79.99
Sale price: $75.99
CaviWipes1™ - X-Large
Regular price: $16.99
Sale price: $14.44
MaxVac High Volume Evacuator Tips
Regular price: $5.49
Sale price: $4.12

iSmile. Save. Repeat.

Change isn’t easy. The hardest part of change is often making the decision to try something new. iSmile knows this. Many of our customers tell us that they decided to give us a call and take the “risk” of ordering from a new company because they saw the substantial price savings iSmile offers. Now, they couldn’t be happier, because iSmile is providing them with quality products that are saving their offices money.

iSmile products are quality items and iSmile is an authorized dealer for every branded item we sell. We will generously provide you with product samples to try out everything first before you buy it. We want to take the risk out of making the decision to purchase from a new company. Give iSmile a try and see how much money you can save. I think you’ll be very happy you did.

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